The heart belongs to music, and the mind to Gebrüder Frei GmbH & Co. KG

Can you remember what it feels like to really long for your own recording studio? Even as a kid, there was nothing I wanted more. When I was finally able to buy one in later years, I was eager to learn everything there was to know about audio technology. And right away I was enthralled by all the technical opportunities it opened up for me. But at the same time I was never entirely happy with how a track turned out. I’m a musician myself and wanted my mixes to sound as vibrant as possible. Over time, I was no longer willing to make do with the conventional equipment of the day. As a perfectionist, I knew that there had to be a better way. And there was. What began as my own personal hobbyhorse developed into a part of my company some years ago. Since then, I have been joining forces with music technicians Helmut Butz and Dirk T. Jambor to develop the finest state-of-the-art professional audio technology. With TOMO Audiolabs, it is finally possible to refine every single sound to perfection. When it comes to music, I’m no longer willing to accept second best. And our international customers love what are they are hearing.