LIAM – the perfect high-end microphone amplifier with the peerless feel for sound

And it gets even better! In combination with our microphone amplifier LIAM, every recording will sound even more vibrant and masterful. This is because it refines the sound during the recording process. LIAM may look small and delicate, but the sheer volume and power of its sound allows it to bring out the best in even ribbon microphones and soft, dynamic mikes – resulting in a finely nuanced, maximum sound experience.

Made in Germany – powered by TOMO

All components – from the high-gain tube output stage to the two fully parametric, dynamic filters and three-step low-cut filter – have been expertly developed and produced right here at TOMO Audiolabs. For mastering engineers like you, this guarantees a unique microphone pre-amp concept that allows you to enhance the frequencies and dynamics of your mix like never before – adding a healthy dose of vibrancy and live character. Take your individual sound experiences to a whole new level – with our premium hardware quality.

Top performance

German magazine “professional audio” was so taken with LIAM that it singled the microphone amplifier out as the Editor’s Choice 2015 in recognition of its first-class performance in recording and mastering. Analogue tube sound will always be the number one choice in the music business.

Get more – information!

You can find out more about LIAM and its incredible sound volume here – or by talking to our sound experts.