LIAM � our high-end microphone amplifier with the optimum sense of sound

With LIAM � our microphone amplifier which has been ready for series production since spring 2013 � we managed to take another important step towards the perfect refinement of sound, because it demonstrates its talent during recording. This makes it the perfect complement to LISA, our mastering EQ which we presented at the 2009 Hi-End Gear and which has sold very well since then.

Both visually and in terms of quality and power, LIAM is in no way inferior to its �sister� LISA. Strictly in terms of looks it is somewhat smaller and more delicate � but its sound has so much volume and power that it gets the most even from ribbon microphones and soft, dynamic mikes: a finely nuanced, maximum sound experience.

We developed and produced LIAM in our audio labs entirely from head to toe, outside and inside: from the high-gain tube output stage to two fully parametric, dynamic filters and through to the three-step low-cut filter. As always, with great sensitivity and first-rate components.

Learn more about our new star and its incredible sound volume from LIAM�s info brochure � available here for download: