The whole world of the first-rate refinement of sound

Individual sound profiles, analogue sound engineering and optimum sound performance, from recording to mixing – these are every music lover’s dream. After all, they are the factors that make up an optimum and sophisticated sound experience. At TOMO, this is what we work on and for every day – with our heart and soul. The result: professional audio hardware products in the high-end range of professional studio technology which leave nothing to be desired during the recording process and in sound processing.

Uncompromising excellence in sound

It’s no secret that we created something truly unique with our hardware concept – complete with whole new sounds and mixing possibilities. But that’s not all! When it comes to how our professional audio hardware solutions sound, we didn’t accept the slightest compromise. That means using only the best components available on the market. Whatever they might cost. We even designed and built the unique transformers for our hardware ourselves. Knowing full well that this will enhance the sound even further. For the purest sound – in all its rich, unadulterated glory!

Uncompromisingly clear design

As well as sound and mixing, we set the highest store by uncompromising design when developing our LISA and LIAM models. Because of this, we only choose components that guarantee the typically elegant TOMO lines – an ideal fit with the perfect sounds and superior measured values. For first-class quality that appeals to the eyes and the ears in equal measure – designed and built by professionals for professionals.

TOMO Audiolabs - LISA

Our high-end mastering EQ with the finest curves for perfect sound balancing

TOMO Audiolabs - LIAM

Our up and coming star among the microphone amps with an optimum sense of sound