LISA – the perfect tool for analogue high-end mastering EQ

Digital is par for the course. But what you’re actually looking for is the freedom to create your own analogue mix of your sound profile. Without having to limit yourself to the digital signal processing that is standard practice in music today. LISA mastering EQ allows you to do exactly this. With a unique combination of EQ and integrated dynamics processing. LISA brings two shelf and four parametric bands with low-cut filter and M/S matrix functions together with additionally integrated compression EQ to create unlimited mixing possibilities.

As dynamic as a live gig

LISA is a unique concept that offers mastering engineers like you a whole new way to enhance the frequencies and dynamics of your mix. With the clear boost in vibrancy and live character of the mix that you create with our mastering EQ, you will take your ideal sound experience to a whole new level. Create sound masterpieces with incomparably fine nuances – all powered by LISA!

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